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Welcome to "Birreal", a paradigm of understanding Mystery Performance.

This body of work is the result of more than a decade of real world practice, reflection and studies in different fields such as Mystery Performance, Psychology, Philosophy, Hermetic teachings and Arts.

This book is aimed to all levels of expertise. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the Mystery Performance Arts, or you are a professional searching for new understandings, the content of this book can potentially offer you new insights and better quality performances.

"Birreal" is full with ideas that you can start to apply immediately, with one goal in mind: transform you in a constructive manner as Mystery Performer so you can let people experience your goals in performance in an effective manner.

With the Birreal Paradigm you will be able to understand in a deeper manner what you are actually doing during performance, breaking the reductionist concepts that we sometimes use to allow your audience to perceive a deeper mysterious experience.

You will learn the concept of "Inner Reality", "Outer Reality", "Co-Reality", "Artifacts" and other ideas that you can adapt to your performance. 

Although this paradigm was created for my own Mentalism study and performance , Birrealism is completely applicable to Magic.

We have a wonderful opportunity as Mystery Performers to share new experiences for others, and maybe you do not need more effects to impact others in a deeper manner, but new conceptions about what you do.

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